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Review in English: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Nie nezľaknite sa, nehrabe mi. Viem, že som tu už moju anglickú recenziu na Unearthly raz posielala takže ak ste ju čítali, pokojne tento post preskočte. Toto uverejnenie má svoje dôvody a keď to všetko vyjde (čo asi skôr nie) prezradím vám aké. Len aby ste vedeli, môžete ešte do konca týždňa čakať znovuzverejnenie nejakých ďalších anglických recenzií. Ospravedlňujem sa za vzniknutý chaos.

Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At the beginning, this book pretends to be an average angel/human love story set (surprisingly) in the high school. There is a girl – an angel who is supposed to protect a boy – a beautiful human, and who, somewhere along the way fall in love with him. There is also the other girl – the beautiful human’s even more beautiful and popular girlfriend and the other boy who is going to test our heroine’s true feelings.

So, pretty predictable storyline right?


Clara is a part angel. She knows it. She knows that her mother and younger brother are the angels too. She also knows, she has a purpose. What she doesn’t know is what purpose.

When Clara starts to dream about a boy standing in the middle of the burning forest, she knows she has to find him. She knows that he is a link to fulfilling her purpose. She has to rescue him.

Then in one of her dreams Clara finally learns where does this mysterious boy live. Her mother decides not to stand in the way of Clara’s destiny and they move across the country from California to the Jackson Hole in Wyoming. There she finnaly meets Christian, the boy from her dreams. The boy of her dreams. She is instantly drawn to him, feeling butterflies in her stomach whenever he is near.

Then there is Tucker, the handsome cowboy and her best friend’s twin. First I didn’t know what was his purpose in this book. Should I hate him? Is he going to ruin Clara’s and Christian’s evolving relationship? Is he going to seduce Clara and make her fail in fulfilling her purpose? Who is the bad guy here? Or is there any?

Unearthly was such an unpredictable and excting novel with so many twists and surprising scenes that I found myself awake at 3 o’clock in the morning unable to go to bed unless I was finnished. Nothing is as it seems in this amazing book. I tried to categorize the main characters but it was impossible. I wanted to hate Kay, extremely popular and bitchy Christian’s girlfriend but she seemed to be breaking almost every rule of the classical drama queen present in nearly every young adult book. It was such a delight to continue reading, gradually discovering how everything shaped up.

Clara was a very likeable heroine, smart and funny, always standing behind her decisions. She sometimes behaved a little bit childish and I didn’t always agree with the choices she'd made, but then it seems foolish to criticize such a trivial thing just so I will criticize something.

I loved that the relationships between main protagonists were realistic and we could easily relate to them. Moreover, Cynthia did a great job describing how Clara was slowly and unconsciously falling in love. This is what made me love Unearthly so much.

I should also point out, that the book is very easy to read and for those who aren’t native speakers like me, not too hard to understant.

After reading too many books about angels and being disappointed with the ninety-nine percents of them, I was a little bit reluctant to start reading Unearthly. But I’m so glad I finnaly did!

If you’re sitting home, wondering what book should you read next, this is definitely it. Angels, love, friendship, destiny – this is an amazing (not only) winter reading created by the author, who shouldn’t stay unnoticed. Well done!

I’d love to thank Harper Teen and Netgalley for providing me with an early copy of Unearthly and giving me an opportunity to write this review.

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