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ENGLISH REVIEW: Courtney Allison Moulton - Angelfire

15. február je deň, kedy vychádza pomerne slušný počet kníh. Jednou z nich je aj dlhoočakávaná kniha z dielne debutujúcej autorky Courtney Allison Moulton o tínedžerke, ktorá zistí že je reinkarnáciou starodávnej bojovníčky a ochrankyne ľudstva v boji proti bytostiam zvanými Reapers. Knihu som čítala nejaký čas dozadu, ale recenziu som sa rozhodla uverejniť až dnes, na jej narodeniny.
Tentokrát ide znovu o anglickú recenziu, takže sa ospravedlňujem všetkým, ktorí z tohto článku nebudú mať nič. Sľubujem že čoskoro pošlem znovu niečo slovenské :)

Angelfire (Angelfire, #1)Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the story about an ordinary 16-year old teenager Ellie who has an average grades, group of loyal friends and enough money to feel comfortable in her sweet teenage life. Except she is not as ordinary as it seems.
Ellie has a very strange and scary dreams about her own death. She can’t explain it until she meets Will, the handsome and brooding guardian who declares that Ellie is an ancient being called Preliator, Latin for „Warrior“. She dies in the battle over and over but everytime she comes back, reincarnated, looking exactly the same. Or almost exactly... Now Will has to wait until Ellie’s 17th birthday to activate her power so she could continue to fight against dangerous creatures called Reapers. But this time, something feels wrong. Ellie should have reappeared long time ago and what’s more, she isn’t able to remember her past properly. To top it off, it looks like everytime she reappears, she is more and more human . Not a good situation to be in, especially when the End of Days is coming and Ellie needs all her strenght to defeat evil and save the world.

Since I got the book in advance from the publisher as an exchange for the honest review, I’ll be honest.
I didn’t enjoy the book and I had a really hard time to finnish it. It’s not that I don’t understand why so many people loved it. Angelfire has a good premise, some action, touch of mythology and promising love story. I just couldn’t get through the author’s writing. There were too many phrases which looked like they were copied from some writer’s handbook and not like they were the product of author’s own imagination. There were also too many information, too many new words and too many explanations and it somehow overshadow the whole story. At this point, my head was going to explode and I didn’t really care about the action . I had to force myself through the long paragraphs of fighting scenes and flashbacks and it made me feel exhausted.

On the contary, I enjoy reading about Will. Well, who didn’t? I wasn’t very fond of Ellie but I fell in love with her guardian quite easily. Yeah, I think everybody loves protective guys who take their duty seriously but who can be also funny and thoroughful. He is the only reason why I’m willing to consider reading the second book when it comes out. And let’s be honest, he is also a very sexy reason :-)

So was I disappointed with this book? Yeah, I was. But I also know, that I just can’t love each and every book and this was unfortunately the one I didn’t. Because I found more than a handful of positive reviews, I suggest you to read the book and make your own decision whether you’ll like it or not.

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  1. Práve tú knihu čítať a tiež je to dosť také... neviem... nebaví ma to veľmi... čítam to iba kvôli Willovi. :D