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RECENZIA: Julie Kagawa - The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey #3)

Dnes som konečne zverejnila recenziu ku knihe The Iron Queen na stránkach Goodreads a tak som si povedala, že ju hodím aj sem na blog (napriek tomu že blog má momentálne krátky hiatus :)) Iron Queen je 3. diel série Iron Fey autorky Julie Kagawa, ktorý vychádza 1. februára. Knihu sa mi podarilo získať v predstihu v elektronickej podobe priamo od vydavateľstva Harlequin Teen za čo som im neskonale vďačná. Recenzia je v anglickom jazyku, nakoľko ju poskytujem vydavateľstvu ako dôkaz, že som ju napísala.
Obsahuje spoilery k predchádzajúcim dvom dielom, ak ste ich ešte nečítali.

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey, #3)The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review may contain spoilers from the previous books.

When I learnd I’ll be able to read The Iron Queen in advance, I was ecstatic. I loved the first two and a half book and I couldn’t wait to start reading the third one. I know how awesome Julie Kagawa is and I didn’t doubt The Iron Queen would be the perfect ending of the perfect series. And boy, was I right! At least with the „perfect“ part of that statement...

One last time, we are watching Meghan Chase entering the lands of Neverever with the aim to defeat the False King once and for all. But she is no more the helpless, self-conscious girl she used to be. She is more independent, stronger and determined to learn anything which could possibly help her succeed in her task. This includes learning to fight and practising her glamour. But more importantly, she has two boys standing by her side, her sarcastic but good-hearted best friend Puck and the love of her life and her knight in shining armor (literally) Ash. But will it be enough?

My thoughts

First I have to say, the third installment of the Iron Fey series was one big challenge for my imagination. I read plenty of fantasy books but to actually visualize what I was reading in this book was a piece of work - there were creatures which made speaking cat look like the most ordinary thing in the world. But a great thing about Iron Queen and the whole series generally is, that you don’t have to choose between action-packed storyline and breathtaking romance. In these books, you’ll get all in one and even more.
Speaking of romance. Did I tell you how much I love Ash? He came a long way from being a cold souless Winter prince to his current self – passionate and loving boy of Meghan’s dreams. He is completely devoted to her, ready to fight against the world to protect his Iron lady. The chemistry between him and Meghan is the one that makes your hands sweat and your heart beat faster. It makes you want to find some Ash for yourself.
Puck, on the other hand, wasn’t quite himself for the most part of the book. His ego suffered enough humiliation when Meghan chose Ash over him and although he tried to look cool and unconcerned, shielding himself with jokes and sarcasm, you could see how heartbroken this whole situation actually left him. I felt sorry for Puck but on the other hand, I think there is still a girl somewhere out there, waiting for him and him alone.
I know I know, this was supposed to be the last book in the series and naturally everybody wants to know – so how was the big finale? Well I’ll tell you – it was beautiful, thrilling, action-packed, heartbreaking but at the same time full of hope and most of obviously wasn’t the end of the series. Although many things will come to the ultimate end, after you are done with The Iron Queen (or more likely, after this book is done with you), you will probably want to read the next book called Iron Knight very soon. Like right then. And how can you be surprised? Julie doesn’t know how to disappoint her readers and she certainly didn’t learn how to do it while writing The Iron Queen. When I was finnished, my cheeks were wet and my poor nails almost completely bitten off, but I was satiated like a well fed kitten. The Iron Queen definitely deserves to be one of the most anticipated books of 2011.

Thank you, Julie and thank you, Harlequin Teen and Netgalley for giving me an opportunity to read this amazing book in advance.

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  1. pená recenzia. vyzerá to zaujímavo :-). a ešte k tomu má krásnu obálku

  2. Krásná recenze :) Její čtení mě mnohem víc navnadilo na pokračování ve čtení téhle série. Takže to vidím tak, že na Iron Daughter se vrhnu docela brzo :)