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Anglická recenzia: Julie Kagawa - Iron Daughter (Iron Fey #2)

Pred časom som na Goodreads uverejnila recenziu na Iron Daughter od Julie Kagawa tak ma napadlo, že by som vám ju mohla ukázať, keď už tie knihy tak vychvaľujem. Opäť prosím, nevšímajte si chyby, viem že nie som úplne excelentná v anglickom jazyku a čítať je rozhodne niečo iné než písať. Aj keď je to recenzia na druhý diel, neobsahuje žiadne spoilery pre vás čo sériu nečítali, takže si to môže prečítať každý, kto vie trochu po anglicky:)

The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey, #2)The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All I can say is: Hallelujah! Finally I found a series, which is original, beautifuly written and where romance and action are in perfect ballance.
To be honest,when I started to read Iron King, I was being a little bit sceptical. AGAIN it all begins in High school. Girl is an outsider in love with the most beautiful and popular boy in the whole school and with somehow strange but funny best friend who is obviously in love with her.Now what?
After couple of pages I was thinking about closing the book and never opening it again. I guess what convinced me not to do that was Julie's writing style. Somehow, I knew this book will be different because her writing was special. The words and lines seemed to be written carefuly, with humor that wasn't forced but it perfectly fitted into the whole context.
Now, two books later I consider this series one of the best I've ever read.

Iron daughter was one hell of a ride with so many twists that today it kept me from having a lunch and yesterday I just forgot to dine.
But tha main reason, why I'll probably worship Mrs Kagawa until the end of time are the characters she created for us. I'm not only speaking about Meghan, Ash or Puck, although...well...who am I kidding? Ash is the main reason I hyperventilate on every second page and I adore Puck's witty and ironic comments. BUT I can guarantee you'll fall in love with other characters as well. In ID, you'll reunite with Grimalkin and even Ironhorse who I must admit really surprised me and you'll get to know other winter princes-Sage and Rowan a little bit more.

And what exactly is going to happen in this book? You can expect a big thievery, several declarations of love,a huge trachery,a murder, some very (VERY) big sacrifices and...happy ending? cliffhanger? tears? Oh I don't know, I think you'll just have to read the book or what :)

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